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The articles you read in the Availability Digest result from years of experience in researching and writing a variety of technical documents and marketing content. It’s what we do best, and we provide our services to others who value high-quality content created by IT specialists. Ask us about

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Our Seminars on High Availability


We at the Availability Digest have created a series of seminars covering a wide range of topics concerning high availability, continuous availability, and active/active systems. We offer the seminars either online or at your facility anywhere in the world. The seminars are presented by Dr. Bill Highleyman, Managing Editor of the Availability Digest.

Dr. Highleyman has presented papers and seminars on high- and continuous availability and has written extensively on these topics. He holds several patents in the core technologies required to implement active/active systems and is a coauthor of the three-volume series, "Breaking the Availability Barrier."

Expect to learn the following from our seminars:

  • Basic availability concepts
  • The impact of redundancy on availability
  • The use of data replication to keep database copies synchronized
  • Data-replication products
  • How RPO and RTO are affected by the choice of data synchronization*
  • Highly available architectures
  • Active/active systems
  • Fault-tolerant systems
  • Reliable networks
  • Achieving fast failover
  • Eliminating planned downtime
  • Other advantages of active/active systems
  • The effect of cyber attacks
  • Distributed Denial of Service attacks
  • Virtualization and cloud computing
  • Cost justification
  • Real-life horror stories
  • Case studies of continuously available systems in practice

We offer one-day, two-day, and three-day seminars:

1-Day Syllabus    2-Day Syllabus    3-Day Syllabus

We will also tailor a customized seminar to meet your specific needs.

Contact us for scheduling and price quotations.

*RPO, the Recovery Point Objective, is the specification of how much data can be lost due to a failure. RTO, the Recovery Time Objective, is the specification of the maximum time allowed to return a failed system to service.


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