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The digest of current topics on Continuous Processing Architectures. More than Business Continuity Planning.

BCP tells you how to recover from the effects of downtime.

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The Availability Digest Becomes Available

All of its content is now freely accessible.



Many of you who have signed up for the free Availability Digest have expressed frustration at reading the synopsis of an interesting and pertinent article and then not being able to read its detail because you did not have a subscription. Some of you could not get your management’s approval for a subscription. When we heard of these situations, we gladly sent you a complimentary copy of the article in which you were interested.


So we asked ourselves if we are going to go part way and make the Digest articles subscription-free upon request, why not go the whole way? Our answer was “Let’s do it.” As of July 1, you can access the details of any article in the Digest by simply clicking on the “--more--“ field following its synopsis. “--more for subscribers--“ is a thing of the past. Furthermore, you can access any past article by going to the Article Archive on our Web site, and clicking on its title.



We hope you will now take full advantage of our Case Histories, our Never Again stories, our Availability Issues and Best Practices articles, our Recommended Reading, our Product Reviews, and - yes - even the availability theory presented in The Geek Corner.


There will be no July issue of the Availability Digest as we retool our Web site. But in August, the Availability Digest will appear again. Its publication schedule and the extent of its content may be a little more casual, but its articles will continue to be as pertinent and as high quality as what you have enjoyed in the past.



Dr. Bill Highleyman

Managing Editor


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